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A Car Care Line for the Purist

Numbers by RestorFX product 

and spray bottles used by a RestorFX technician detailing a bright yellow sporcts car

Numbers 00 

01-14 Editorial shot of Numbers by RestorFX 17 Car Care Kit product bottles, microfibers and kit box

Numbers is a complete and sophisticated car care line that is a full reimagination, streamlining and simplification of the detailing industry to exceed show-quality aesthetics at the simple invocation of a number. It is designed to perfectly accompany the RestorFX brand and technology to bring a fundamental structure founded on the world's finest chemistry and artistry.

Vehicle Detailing Simplified

A powerful and elegant Car Care line for the continual appreciation of your vehicle. Numbers products are available for retail at your local RestorFX Center.


Product Line



How do I use Numbers line?

The Numbers line is a series of automotive maintenance products. The directions for use are printed on the backside of each product label. Information regarding how to use each product can also be found and viewed online at Email for more information.

Where can I purchase Numbers line products?

Numbers is available at your nearest RestorFX Center or online at You can also email for more information.

How do I know which products from the Numbers line I need for my car?

There are many different products available in the Numbers line. Each product has a very different use. Information about how, when and why to use each product can be found online or inquire at